Bastille Day Celebration

Equality, liberty and fraternity –principles of democracy that echo around the world are ideas given to us because of the French revolution. French Day, celebrated on 14 July every year, commemorates the end of monarchy in France and beginning of democracy with the storming of Bastille in 1789.We at OPG World School understand and appreciate other’s people cultural backgrounds when we can connect with them more. To promote cultural diversity, our children follow a very famous quote “Love is the religion and the universe is the book” and hence French Day was organized at OPG World School, Dwarka on 18 July 2019.The students of grade VII-VIII participated enthusiastically in Inter House Competitions consisted of Making of 3D Model making of Eiffel Tower and Collage making on aspects of France in which Blue House bagged the first position. The spirit of happiness, joyfulness shone brightly when students of grade IX and X shared French mock tails and dishes while displaying French cuisine. Showcasing precision in flavor, texture and appearance of French Cuisine, yellow house was declared as the winner.


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