OPG learning programme

At OPG, a flexible learning programme for the children of different age groups has been evolved, after extensive research and comparative analysis in the available curriculum, across the globe in collaboration with the eminent academicians in the country and abroad. The School has made a conscious decision to admit just over 1000 students which is almost half the number it is designed for, to ensure quality teaching and not quantity. The aim is to provide young learners an opportunity to develop self-confidence and life skills needed to survive the global competition.

We recognize that each child is unique and therefore our learning programme involves them in cross-curricular learning that is relevant, challenging and absorbing. It focuses on the complete mental, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth of the child. The most important concept of the programme is that students learn through their innate curiosity, which is further cultivated and encouraged by the school. Opportunities for continuous evaluation are in-built into the curriculum. Our emphasis is on making learning a joyful, self-motivated experience wherein each child’s curiosity and creativity is nurtured.



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