Middle School



The Middle School uses subjects to provide a rigorous approach to learning. This phase successfully provides for the emotional, physical and social well-being of young minds who in turn will be self -aware, creative, empathetic listeners and effective communicators. 


The disciplines are taught in a holistic and interdisciplinary manner using concepts (What we are learning?) and Global contexts (Why we are learning). Key ideas are broad, organizing powerful ideas that transcend subjects and facilitate connections with other subjects. Global context aims to develop International mindedness making learning relevant and enables students to develop values and competencies necessary for global engagement.
Classroom teaching is a dynamics of theatre activities, hands on projects integrated effortlessly with technology. In the middle school, students become involved in a formal, comprehensive program where they apply themselves more fully, to the process of learning. Activities outside the classroom become increasingly important during these ‘growing’ years and emphasis is laid on personal and group skills.

The Class as well as Special Assemblies offer ample opportunity for each child to go up on stage and showcase her/his talent while keeping in mind the intrinsic values of their august institution. 
Last but definitely not the least is the mental health programme that is offered. Through the workshops conducted, it provides the emotional anchor to keep our young students well rooted, confident and happy members of society. 



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