Inclusive Education


OPG World School harbours a strong belief in promoting inclusive education systems which respect diverse needs and individual abilities while eliminating all forms of discrimination in the learning environment.

To ensure a sense of belonging and our core values are inculcated into every member of the OPG community, various programmes have been designed. 

1.    SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS PROGRAMME -The purpose of this program is to meet the specific cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of children, who are either pushed to the periphery or sometimes even out of the mainstream system.

2.    SOCIAL INCLUSION PROGRAMME- OPG School has embraced the spirit of the Right to Education Act and opened its heart and campus to children from economically disadvantaged families starting from the academic year 2014-2015.

3.      WELLBEING PROGRAM- Wellbeing is a critical part of how children learn and grow. The program is inspired by the Social, Emotional and Ethical curriculum.



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