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The evolving of Science and technology will never replace the reading of a book at anytime in the future. Right from the early stages, OPG kindles in the students a love for reading. The seeds of this love for reading books are sown, through interesting activities that make reading mandatory.

Practical classes in all the branches of science – Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences as well as Mathematics are conducted in specifically designed laboratories.

The School has an exclusive Model Workshop, where the students can prepare their exhibits, under the guidance of an expert for Intra School and Inter School presentations.

The highly qualified teachers ensure that the students make the best use of the technology center with broadband Internet connectivity. In addition to a modern computer lab, students hone their communication skills in the language lab. As an extension of the language lab activities, students are divided into groups for discussions and debates so that they get an opportunity to hone their skills of expressions and put forward their ideas in an emphatic and assertive way.

As the technology grows and new developments take place in the field of science, education also witnesses changes in the way the subject is taught. To make lessons easy to comprehend, simple, interesting and effective, OPG has integrated electronic teaching gadgets with a dedicated library in its lecture halls to make teaching an art. The faculty conducts interactive sessions and each lesson is taught in digital format that helps the students to understand complicated topics easily. OPG realises the importance of having presentation skills at the school level and has taken necessary steps to train the students to prepare their own presentations on various topics and to make the presentations confidently and correctly. Students are also groomed to conduct and participate in science fairs and symposia, group discussions and other such intra-school and inter-school activities that help in personality and aptitude development.


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