We are all born with two dreams. One that our parents dream for us and the other that we visualise for ourselves. Very few people follow a profession that also is their passion. For example, one could be a doctor but have a passion for singing. Another could be a lawyer but with a strong business acumen.

Most of us live our lives without knowing what we actually want to do. Mr. Satish Chandra, a successful businessman, fortunately knew where his heart lay. He shared his father’s dream of running a school and that is precisely what he did after consolidating his business. He established OPG World School in fond memory of his father. To him, the school is a reflection of his father’s ideals and he is determined to do all that he can to make OPG World School the best institution in the region.

Chairman’s Message

As a child, I always wondered what made Gandhiji leave his profession and do social work. I know the answer now. It is the voice of the conscience. I heard it too one day. It was then that OPG World School was born. Building a hundred industries would not have satisfied me as much as seeing hundreds of children walking into the portal to learn does. My father must be smiling from heaven above that at last I put his name to good use.


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