We all are fond of stories because besides being entertaining, they have underlying benefits of developing language skills, creativity, and thinking process. And who loves listening to a story more than children!! But, the children of class-2 turned the tables by taking the onus of making the audiences go down the memory lane through their musical act with the Greek fabulist and storyteller, Aesop. Children of class -2 presented stories that we have been hearing since our childhood ‘Aesop’s Fables-The Twisted Tales.’ It was a collection of four stories – The Lion and the Mouse, The Belly and its Members, The Hare and the Tortoise and, The Sun and the Wind. Our children gave their own twists to these tales and made them even more enthralling by embellishing the storytelling with their dance performances. In the process of storytelling, they conveyed valuable messages too. The little Mouse proved that even the smallest person can make the biggest difference. The valuable lesson that ‘a team only works when it works together’ was given by the hungry belly and the other parts of the body. Our children once again reminded us through our beloved tortoise ‘to be slow and steady’ if we want to achieve something in life. Last but not the least, through the North Wind, we were once again reminded to be polite in life.

It was indeed a proud moment to behold the budding talents perform with uncommon élan onstage.

    The Richest Crocodile

    Dance and Drama have always played an integral role in the holistic development of children. They help in taking learning beyond the classroom setup. Children not only enhance their communication skills, but also learn skills like collaboration and team work. Our Annual Cultural Show, The Richest Crocodile, was the display of these acquired skills. Children of class I, beautifully delivered the story of a crocodile, who despite having all the luxuries was unhappy and lonely. He found his happiness only with his new friends who taught him the importance of kinship and community. This story was presented on the stage in the form of a Drama including various dances and rhythmic presentations. Children, not only learnt the presentation skills, but also learnt the value-Happiness lies in togetherness. 

      One of the most anxiously awaited occasions of any school is its Annual Day. Annual functions are important for the students as it helps them broaden their thought spectrum and develop a well-rounded personality.

      “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. Our young OPGians are a bundle of energy, far from being dull. The school organizes the most effective events to channelize their energy.

      This year the theme of our annual day was “Alice in the Wonderland”, a tale straight from the world of imagination. Children are the pioneers of imagination. As they were doing the chapter Alice adventures, a part of their syllabi, the gleam in their eyes was a get-go for the teacher to select this topic. The spirit soared the moment children were disclosed the selected theme. The audition started with great enthusiasm and one could see mass involvement..  Students were selected for different roles and dances on the basis of their performance in the audition. The practices began with a roller coaster speed the result of which was an impressive show. The parent guests cound’t keep their eyes off as the stage was set on a metaphorical fire of magnificent talent. The event was a huge success.


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