opg school is the one best school for primary classes, the image showing that primary class students seems very happy in their classroom
opg world school with smart classrooms, and the image showing that a student is give demonstration in biology class to other studends
Students are doing some extra curricular work in a workshop, opg world school is  good in extra curricular activities


A well-designed architectural marvel with adequate open space for children to feel ‘free and liberated’ and an aesthetically designed campus with ample landscapes clubbed with amenities of international standards make OPG an ideal location to pursue quality learning. The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to meet the demand in grooming global citizens.

As you enter the campus, you can feel the change in the air around you. Everything around you has an aura that is inexplicable. Every minute detail has been so addressed as to enable the children to enjoy their schooling every single day. As a day long school, it provides an ideal platform for the children to learn with undivided attention from the foundation level to XII standard. Therefore, for those who seek an upward growth for their children and a rewarding future, OPG World School is the route.

At OPG we believe in providing each student with his/ her own space to grow and mature. This is why we have given attention to detail while providing for space and resources for our students. The building is modern to reflect the 21st century by judicious use of materials and landscaping. It will be environmentally friendly in all respects so students grow up amidst greenery and natural surroundings as far as possible. Shrubs and small trees both local and exotic will be planted. Areas for students, teachers and parents to sit and read or enjoy a discussion will be provided. Classrooms have easy access to green spaces outside.

An outdoor area has been demarcated for an open-air theatre for dramatic productions and related activities such as art and craft and music. Also, as a result of the activity oriented educational approach, unlike other schools, where pin-drop silence is observed, there will be a continuous flow of movement, discussions and energy in the classrooms.


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