Professional Development is efficiently and effectively implemented by OPG World School. 

Regular workshops are conducted that foster skill and knowledge development. A re-working of teaching and mentoring strategies is done time to time to include the newest methodologies. Entwining of technology, effective teaching and subject knowledge has given great results. This is done under the supervision of experts in the  respective areas. 

During the pandemic also, the school and teachers kept themselves updated by attending various online webinars to inoculate latest technology in their knowledge imparting process. 

There were many pedagogical workshops organised by CBSE which were attended and implemented, both. Those based on ‘Learning outcomes and Pedagogies’, ‘Health and Well Being in Schools’ and ‘Content management and Time Management in Class’ proved crucial in planning lessons appropriately and keeping the need of the hour in mind.

‘Stress management’ workshop conducted by CBSE was a very welcoming one and the skills learnt trickled down to the students also. ‘Blended learning in the post-lockdown classroom’ was a webinar  conducted by Orient Black Swan which helped in improvisation of learning methodologies.

Commerce is an ever evolving stream and very inter-connected with global changes and issues. The Commerce teachers attended a number of workshops like ‘Virtual Classroom-The Future of Education’ and ‘Art Integration in Business Studies and Accountancy’ conducted by the school in partnership with the Commerce Teacher Foundation.

School gives equal emphasis on third language learning and in lieu of that a workshop "Perspectives on foreign languages in Indian Schools 2021 Session" was conducted by Langer International Pvt Ltd.

OPG World School believes in providing a healthy environment and freedom to explore and improve individually and professionally. This helps lay a strong knowledge foundation and produce efficient future leaders.



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