Beyond the School

Education is a journey that never ends. Teaching within the four walls does not fulfill the quest for learning in the students. OPG has broken the shackles of conventional teaching by bringing the students face to face with Mother Nature. To have a first hand experience of what they have learnt in the school, the students are taken out on field trips, picnics and excursions to various places of educational and historical interest. Depending upon the age groups and academic schedule, students along with their teachers visit places like zoological parks, public transport terminals, botanical gardens, industries and so on. As a part of leisure time activities, students are also encouraged to participate in trekking, rock climbing and river rafting etc. Such regulated activities bring out the leadership qualities in individuals and also helps them to understand the importance of preserving nature.

The older students of the Secondary School will be encouraged to undertake social service activities, like rural development projects, working with the physically challenged, working with the poor, campus gardening, tree-planting, classroom maintenance & cleaning, etc. The school will also plan for occasions when children and their parents will jointly participate in activities. On such occasions, parents meet with teachers/staff and take an interest in the development of their wards in school.



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