About School

OPG World School in Dwarka New Delhi is a tribute to a great educationist of the pre-independence era, Shri. O. P. Guptaji. He ran an exclusive school for girls in Lahore, at a time, when girls’ education was considered as a taboo by many. After partition, he and his family shifted to Delhi, but his passion to provide education drew him close to a few like minded individuals who together started Bal Bharati School. He believed firmly that, “every child is a gem; it is for us adults to dig in and bring it out.” Even today OPG World School continues digging.

To enhance the skill sets of students to the highest level of competence and thereby make the world an emancipated and enlightened place.

It endeavours to provide facilities and learning environment beyond compare in moulding Global Citizens.

The main objective of the school is to establish a school that provides its students a comprehensive system of education to help them to develop well rounded personalities and grow into smart, confident young people.

OPG World School provides a system of education that teaches students to be creative, analytical and problem solvers. The teachers are facilitators of learning; helping students achieve their goals. The school provides an intensive academic program in order to prepare the students to compete in their examinations.

The students are taught to appreciate their role as citizens of the world and to involve themselves with issues that are of common interest to them as well as the rest of the world. The school inculcates in its students humanitarian values as well as values of tolerance, service and leadership.


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