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  1. Incomplete Registration form will be rejected without any communication.
  2. Please submit attested copies of the following documents along with the form:
    1. Copy of the Birth Certificate
    2. Medical Fitness / Inoculation Certificate by a doctor.
    3. Proof of residence
    4. Transfer certificate from the Previous School.
    5. Proof of transfer, if any, (In case the parents have been transferred in the last academic session)
  3. In case of admission to Class II or above, please enclose photocopies of the last year Progress Report Card.
  4. The school buses ply on the specific routes only.
  5. Please note that due to limited number of seats, it will not be possible to admit all those who apply.
  6. Admission is confirmed only after submitting the required copies of certificates at the time of admission and verification of the same with the originals.
  7. In case of foreign nationals, the following documents need to be submitted at the time of registration.
    1. Copy of Residence Proof
    2. Copy of Passport
    3. Copy of Student Visa
    4. A letter from the embassy stating the details of the child's parents/guardian under whose custody the child will be in.
  8.  All disputes related to admissions under New Delhi jurisdiction only.
Note: Please read the rules and regulations clearly before submitting the form.