Health & Hygiene

CBSE Affiliated Schools in Dwarka New Delhi

Health & Hygiene

13The students in a day long school spend the whole day in the school premises learning and honing various skills. The onus is therefore on the school authorities to provide the young talents with nourishment to revitalize their energies till they return home.

At OPG World School arrangements are in place to provide the children breakfast, lunch and evening snacks.

A dietician decides on the weekly menu chart and the same is offered to the children prepared in hygienic conditions. Faculty too, dines with students to monitor their eating habits and table manners.

To ensure that help is on hand in case of medical emergencies, OPG has established a full fledged medical centre with a qualified medical practitioner and support staff. Regular health check-up camps are conducted and awareness is created among the students on personal health and hygiene.